RG Naturfotographie

My Philosophy of taking potographs

My Motifs

I find my motives in the environment - they are more or less common. I also always look for nature reserves, which also offer much.

For me, a house sparrow is just as photographable as a hummingbird or an eagle, a daisy just like an exotic orchid.

In Nature

Animals and plants are living beings. So it is necessasy to respect them and the nature in their environment.

So I don't pull out plants which are disturbing my image.

Sometimes I shoot insects in a spider's net. In that case I don't throw them into it.

Image Processing

The images, which I publish here or on other platforms, are usually edited. Edited means that I adjust exposure, colors, contrasts and sharpness.

In some cases I go further and remove some disturbing elements from the picture - for example the tail of a (neighbor) bird, if he isturbs. Also, in portraits of an animal, I may have changed the direction of the view - the image was mirrored

I don't so further processings such as deformation of a body, assemblies and the like.